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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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one for a town looking to make a comeback. >> reporter: jackie and jim, it really is critical. in many ways the fourth of july crowds will set the tone for the entire summer. on a friday before the fourth, the crowds are jam packed. it is a good sign that visitors aren't worried that a looming casino strike, gas tax hike, and not worried about the city's limited pocketbook. for 30 summers in a row -- >> fireworks. >> reporter: -- chad has made atlantic city his number one fourth of july shore spot. this summer is no different. and he's got company. gomez said compared to the pre-fourth of july week days last summer, the boardwalk from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. crowd is heavier and out of state. >> we just want to see the city. sorry to hear about the casinos are closing. >> july 2nd we have the light
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show at tropicana and fireworks out in the water. it's helpful for us to have great weather because it will add to the economic weather. >> reporter: harp tells brand-new visitors how to soak up atlantic city's excitement. >> it's just great to see it. he didn't know where to get the best gyros. >> reporter: and the brand-new outdoor pool and beer garden. for the first time you can park your rv to stay overnight and hop on wave runners, jet skis or paddleboards. >> hookups, sewage, cable tv. >> reporter: the first rv park in atlantic city. >> park your vehicle, take the bus in. we have a local ramada. they take them to atlantic city for a small fee. >> reporter: jasmine johnson plans to spent the fourth here next summer. right now she just doesn't want to fall in. >> a memory i'll never forget.
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>> reporter: atlantic city certainly hoping it will be a holiday weekend not to forget, and that they will fall into peak revenue. the higher-ups say they won't have exact figures for a couple of weeks, but they do anticipate that the fourth of july crowds will put them at about a 90% occupancy rate. live from a beautiful, gorgeous sunny atlantic city, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> as the holiday weekend approaches, negotiators are working to try to avoid the casino strike coming up on friday. it one the first casino strike in atlantic city in over a decade. they hit the picket lines back in 2004. that walkout lasted 34 days. 6,500 hospitality workers at the hotels shown in green on this map are threatening to walk off the job if they can't agree on new contracts. their union said the strike is likely against at least one of the hotels. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> turn to weather now. as the holiday weekend
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approaches. we have a live look at philadelphia museum of art where people are gathering to watch the original "rocky" film. nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the wawa welcome festival. >> perfect spot for the movie showing tonight. sheena parveen is here to show us what's on tap. >> dry weather. nice temperatures to sit outside. very comfortable right now. with the lower humidity, feels a little bit better than it did yesterday. 83 degrees in philadelphia. clear skies. new jersey coming in mostly around 80 degrees at the moment. upper 70s through the lehigh valley. in delaware, temperatures right around 81 degrees in sunny skies. if you are in delaware, we're going to see a nice evening tonight. 81 right now. by 9:00 p.m., 74 degrees. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, sunny, 67 degrees. another beautiful day. also, don't forget your seven-day forecast is always at the bottom of the screen for you. nice and dry on radar. we do have thunderstorms in the forecast. if you're starting your fourth
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of july weekend early, pay attention by friday. showers and thunderstorms will move in. the rest of your weekend actually looks really good. coming up, i'll show you the timing of the storms and talk about the potential for some rain on your fourth of july night, too. that's straight ahead. governor chris christie is defending his plan to have drivers pay more at the pump to fund roadage bridge projects. the tax will jump 23 cents a gallon. drivers headed over the ben franklin bridge could be paying that by friday. the governor says he is not thrilled about the idea. but the plan cuts the state's sales tax from 7% to 6%. >> they don't want to pay more. i understand that. but that's why it's so important to give them a sales tax cut at the same time. >> the bill to raise the gas tax heads to the senate tomorrow after clearing the assembly on tuesday.
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up to sky 4 for us over live breaking news out of east germantown. east walnut lane, a 14-year-old boy was shot in the head. that boy was returned to einstein hospital. we don't have any word on his condition right now. but we do know that police are looking for suspects in the area. you see the police cars there still on the scene. and the crime scene tape still up. officers working there on the scene on foot. we will keep an eye on this scene and bring you updates right here on nbc 10 and a video of the man police say attacked a camden cab driver. the surveillance footage shows the suspect crawling out of the window of juan fortuna's cab. the suspect asked the cab driver to take him to north camden. after he refused, he asked for change for a $50 bill. then the two men started
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struggling. fortunea was stabbed several times. he's in the hospital, and this video shows him talking from his hospital bed. the doctors expect him to make a full recovery. when the suspect asked fortunea to take him to a location -- >> he refused to go there, had a bad feeling about it. >> two good samaritans saw the cabby crash, hit the car and ran over to help him as well. now, to the terror in turkey. that country's busiest airport is back open tonight, a day after a terror attack that left dozens dead. crews continue cleaning up today as passengers resume their travels. three suicide bombings at the airport killed 41 people and wounded hundreds tuesday. there's been no claim of responsibility. but turkey's government is blaming isis. security at philadelphia
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international airport remains tight following the attack in turkey. homeland security says they were already operating at the highest security level at philadelphia international prior to the bombing. but as nbc 10's deanna durante shows us, shock waves from the attacks in turkey can be felt in our area. >> reporter: their family is here, yet they both worry about the families they have left behind. >> it's horrible. it's really scary. >> reporter: she and her husband are both from turkey. they watched the events unfold yesterday, reached out to family members via social media and were assured their loved ones are okay. >> people in turkey are the same. people are the same. innocent people. >> reporter: they both struggle with the increasing number of terror attacks in their home country. >> how did this happen? a big question mark for citizens that the government has to explain. to find what happened there. >> reporter: the couple had been planning to send the mother and
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the three kids to turkey in a few days so they could introduce their youngest one to her family. >> how do i explain this to my children. i need to simplify it to their level, to explain to them. i just can't. >> reporter: since bhutto will be staying behind to run the family business, he worries about sending his family so far away. >> i just don't want to be the person to kind of cancel that either. >> reporter: the couple says living in fear of terror is not a way to live, but neither is the acceptance or tolerance some have adopted when it comes to attacks like these. >> the kind of way that they're being presented in the country, it's like it's normal. it should be expected. just because isis could be anywhere in the country. but this is not normal. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. coverage of the deadly attack in turkey continues on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, ahead at 6:30. legislators and city leaders across the country are pushing for gun legislation. well, today congressman bob brady and brendan boyle joined
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jim kenny here in philadelphia, members of cease-fire p.a. a thank you from supporters for the congressional sit-in last week. brady and boyle said it's important for supporters to come to washington and let their voices be heard. the democratic national convention takes over philadelphia in less than a month. it's already starting to look like it's here. nbc 10 was there as crews began installing street banners through the streets of center city this morning. these banners carry a welcome message for the dnc. crews will hang more than 600 of these throughout center city, old city and university city. in south philadelphia, which will host the convention from july 25th through the 28th. there will be events at the pennsylvania convention center. the dnc is expected to bring thousands of people to philadelphia. the mega millions jackpot has swelled again for the holiday weekend because no one matched all the winning numbers
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last night. the jackpot has jumped to $415 million for friday. that's the third largest prize mega millions ever offered. and the tenth largest lotty jackpot in u.s. history. the ticket for last's drawing matched all five white balls. so you can check your tickets now. tuesday night's mega millions numbers. they were, 15, 17, 20, 35, 55, and the mega ball was 7. day three of the wawa welcome america festival. here's a live look at the philadelphia human of art. in the spotlight tonight is the man who made the stone steps here a symbol of determination. tim? >> reporter: two friends are here, too. the only question is, where are you? we're going to see a movie on the steps of the art museum. we'll tell you about it when we come right back. obviously, beautiful night
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to watch a movie outside. or do anything outside really. tomorrow's weather pattern very similar to today. then we have thunderstorms for your friday. your fourth of july weekend forecast coming up next.
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the wawa welcome america
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festival rolls on tonight with a run-up the arm museum steps. runners were up at the crack of the dawn for the work out like rocky event. they trained for more than an hour on the same steps that made rocky balboa a household name. there he is. the real deal. the italian stalion made his way up the 72 stone steps at the entrance of the art museum back in 1976. who can forget that. >> we have a live look at the famous steps. people are gathering for the screening of the original "rocky" film as part of wawa welcome america. it never gets old. nbc 10's tim furlong is among the crowd. >> tim, we want to know one thing -- did you run up the steps? >> reporter: since i was a kid. i've probably run up a thousand times. but not today. i don't want to get all glisteny on hd. i'll tell you, i've had a ton of
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fun with the people who have run up the steps and the people now getting ready to sit down and wrap up another awesome day of wawa welcome america festivities. for some, this was the early wednesday wawa welcome america wakeup call. >> today we're doing squats, sit-ups and push-ups. >> exciting way to start your day. and get an hour of pretty good sweat in. >> reporter: for others, the free admission was more their speed. the little guys enjoyed the go forth and read party at all phillies libraries and the art museum steps always popular. >> we did betsy ross. we did all of that. now we have to do rocky. >> reporter: her kid is still thinking about a time in washington, d.c., yesterday. >> the lincoln memorial there. >> independence hall. that's where it all began. >> reporter: maybe a sprint up the museum steps will show how great this city is. he can watch rocky tonight at the art museum. or maybe stick around until tomorrow when he can get one of
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18,000 free wawa hoagies on the mall. the taste of philly at one of our favorite times of the year. hopefully all of our guests can stick around through monday. are you staying for the fourth of july? >> no, we're leaving tomorrow. >> we would love to have you stay. >> it's a school trip so we've got to leave tomorrow. >> reporter: i liked her. she would be fun to hang out with here. once the intense sun goes down, they'll inflate the screen. i'll tell you this, you might want to bring a cushion or some sort of towel to sit on the steps. having a great time here. you should be here, too. if you have the nbc 10 app, you can plan out your day for tomorrow. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> the app has all that great info. look at what's on tap for tomorrow at wawa welcome america. 10:00, travel through the
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presidential convention history. special exhibit at philadelphia international airport. then at noon, it's free sandwiches and wawa hoagie day at independence mall. i'll take italian. at 5:00, head over to the mummers museum. your chance to go forth and learn about the music and culture of the mummers. hang around for a concert at 8:00. on head over to penn's landing for phillies at the movies. tomorrow's feature, national treasure. for a complete calendar of events, including monday's concert at 5:00, a different time from last year, 5:00, all you have to do is tap the nbc 10 app, nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the festival. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather, with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> a beautiful night tonight to be outside, enjoying the weather. we have nice conditions looking out across center city. clear skies and we're going to stay really comfortable through the overnight hours.
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staying fairly warm. also, don't forget your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. temperatures are still in the 80s through most of the area. 83 through the philadelphia area. 81 delaware. wilmington, low 80s. even pennsylvania suburbs near 80 degrees. the shore temperatures, about the mid to low 80s. philadelphia neighborhoods, closer look, 83 degrees. 83 society hill. if you're in fox chase, your temperature is still 83 degrees. somerton coming in 85 degrees. tomorrow, we'll also see a warm day. we stay in the dry pattern as we go into your thursday. this is future weather. 278 morning dry, afternoon, nice and dry. warmer than today, too. we go into friday. that's when the weather pattern starts changing. if your fourth of july weekend starts as early as friday. just keep in mind we have showers and storms in the forecast. they could be here as early as the morning commute. this is showing 9:30. we can also see showers for the
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morning drive. cannot rule out a thunderstorm either. clouds are going to hang around through the day, by the afternoon i think we'll still have scattered showers and storms. even by friday night we're not going to be dry just yet. by 10:00 p.m. friday, showing some showers and potentially still some thunderstorms around. so if you have the festivities friday, you'll want to stay tuned here for the rest of the week. we'll have better updates as we go through tomorrow and friday morning. but even for your fourth of july forecast, too, as we get closer, we'll be updating that one even more. landsdale, 87 degrees. 86 allentown. robbinsville 88 degrees. if you're in dover, expect temperatures right around 83 degrees tomorrow. now we're looking into the weekend. this is a longer range forecast. high pressure moves in for saturday. that's good news, because we stay sunny and dry. are two days that are sunny and
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dry. into monday, this is the fourth of july. it does look as of today, some computer models are starting to pick up on some rain. it could remain just to our south. but as of the most recent updates, could be moving into parts of south jersey in delaware by monday night. of course, we'll be updating you on that as we get closer. as of now, that could be the case. tomorrow we stay dry. this is your ten-day forecast. monday for fourth of july, i think we'll be mostly dry as of now. again, more updates as we get closer. into next week we could be looking at a heat wave with temperatures in the 90s. phillies going for the sweep this afternoon. a phillies prospect benched for hustling. why pete is not happy with him. a local connection to wimbledon's next story, all next.
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i'm john clark. phillies this afternoon going for their first sweep in over two months. let's go to arizona. it's hot out there. greg murphy said he would jump in the diamondbacks pool if they won two in a row in the series. batting average in the majors over the last few weeks, two-run shot. phillies up. now they're down. cody ashby, a couple big hits. two rbis to tie it up at 4. phillies got down with in hit by paul gold schmidt. they just tied it up 7-7 is the score. we'll have that at 11:00. nick williams may be the next phils prospect to go to the majors. he's been benched twice in the
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last two weeks for not hustling. benched a total of three games. he is back in the lineup tonight. but comments he made did not sit well with pete. he said, i've never, ever cared about what people think about me. if their last name isn't williams or they don't pay me, put food on my table and a roof over my head, then i could care less. >> i don't like it. you know, he's got to be a little bit more careful about that. how he approaches it. i keep reminding our players when they do things like that, i told them, look it, you better be careful, because the fans are going to start booing you. you don't want the wrath of the fans on you. if you're not the type of player that is playing hard, we don't want you. we want the player that goes the extra mile. i'm sure that at some point that will sink in to him. >> let's hope so. another report says dario will be coming to play for the sixers this coming season. he gave the sixers his word.
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they're bringing back thompson. this is a wild story at wimbledon. the 772nd ranked player in the world, qualified for the grand slam. he got to face his hero, roger federer. he made $66,000. you know what he earned so far this year before this? $292. he lives with his parents. he actually spent a few months in phillie this year training with tennis pros. he was going to coach tennis here. good decision he didn't. more at 11:00.
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tomorrow another nice day, near 90 degrees. a little warmer friday. thunderstorms. so keep that in mind. saturday and sunday luke good. monday looks good. we're going to be watching potential rain late monday. more updates on that tonight at 11:00. of course, throughout the day tomorrow as well. sheena, thank you. >> the news continues now with
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"nbc nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. have a good evening. tonight, moments of terror developing details inside the attack at the airport in istanbul, how the suicide bombers got inside. new video and chilling accounts of death and survival. richard engel is there. also, protecting america's airports, should security checkpoints be moved? tonight, the cia director's warning about isis threat to the homeland. nbc news exclusive, tom brokaw with vice president biden on his moon shot mission to find a cure for cancer. how safe and effective are the popular hand saniti sanitizers millions of merps use everyday? concerns being raised. the fda demanding answers, what doctors are telling us tonight. and home coming for a baby abandoned in a college


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